Ezeani Sir Dr J. Kanayo Okoye, KSM, KSS

 As we approach year end and the beginning of an election year, we should be ever on the alert re those seeking our votes – at Federal, State and Local Government levels. We thank God Almighty for the journey so far, His mercy, protection and benevolence as we march onto 2015.


As emphasized by many in the past, casting our votes during elections is the most powerful means of expressing ourselves, identifying our preferences, letting out our life pressures, contributing towards our political development, fostering our political ideals, shaping our future and taking a stand on the Country’s destiny. Because as it has been observed and established beyond doubt, Politics is everything.


Politics builds, and politics destroys, as we allow it. Get involved, and we shall shape our future; abstain and you should never complain but accept what you get.


And for NdiIgbo, we are most concerned. It has been pontificated time without number, that the Igbos are the most proliferate of all nationalities in Nigeria. More than any other group, they are resident and settled in every part and corner of the Country, hardworking as businessmen, professionals, entrepreneurs, artisans, students etc. Thus, NdiIgbo are greatly exposed – usually bearing the brunt of local and national uprisings and living with a wide range of hatred and castigations at the instance of local problems and challenges. Despite the repeated outbursts, provocations, insult and abuse directed on them, they are yet to address this dehumanization which they must endure. They are yet to marshall out an effective strategy to counter the deliberate attack on them and to checkmate such onslaughts in the future.


NdiIgbo, more than any other nationality, believe in, and by their spread all over the Country and their lesson from the Civil War, are the most ardent proponents of a united indivisible Nigeria. As such, they must be allowed to live freely anywhere in the Country without oppression, harassment or molestation. They should therefore, like all others, be allowed to exercise their rights as full citizens and carry out their duties as Nigerian citizens wherever they might live. And this includes the right of expression as well as the right to vote and to be voted for.


We are all encouraged to take this unique opportunity to express our rights and help determined our future.


May I use this ODINALA 9 edition to welcome our readers, contributors, supporters and benefactors to year 2015. In the cover story, Prof Okey Ndibe, on Biafra, the Ostrich Mentality & Nigeria’s Tragedy discusses why Nigeria as a Country will continue to be haunted unless government addresses the sore of the Biafran War. He believes that Nigeria, as conceptualized by the British, was neither essential nor natural but was conjectured for their selfish interest. Prof Ndibe is of the view that it is high time Nigerians delved into the purported forced amalgamation to see whether to remain as a Country or vice-versa. He clearly states that terming the houses NdiIgbo owned before the war ‘abandoned property’, and paying every former Biafran a mere twenty pounds, as full redemption for any financial assets they held prior to the war was not only unjust but also inhuman. He wonders why people should be forced to re-enter an unhappy, abusive and unjust relationship.


International Colloquium on Igbo Question in Nigeria is the subject of the Special Report. We present the conference of pan Igbo socio-cultural organization and 16 pan Igbo organizations across the globe held at Igbozurume Unity Centre, Emene, Enugu to address the absence of internal cohesion within the Igbo nation, the lack of national focus, as well as the future and survival of NdiIgbo. For three days, the enormous challenges confronting the ethnic group both in the country and the contemporary world were extensively discussed.

Under the Features Section, several papers are presented. Sabella O. Abidde pictures NdiIgbo as people staggering for a leader. Writing from Washington D.C., he believes it’s time NdiIgbo took up the Presidency of Nigeria as they contributed immensely to building what the Country is today.  It was about time the Hausa-Fulani/Yoruba conspiracy to exclude the Igbo in National leadership be expunged to allow the Igbo place Nigeria at its rightful place in the comity of nations.  NdiIgbo, on the other hand, should refrain from infighting so they can produce a leader that the Country needs.

Chu Okoronkwo x-rays Fani-Kayode’s Intellectual Fraud against NdiIgbo, a follow-up to Dr. Samuel Okafor’s earlier reply to the some issue published on page 45 of ODINALA 7, of December 2013 to April 2014. The author challenged Fani-Kayode’s dishonesty, obvious falsehood and distortion of historical facts in claiming Yoruba’s intellectual superiority and better civilization than the Igbo.  Chu again listed the various fields and professions where NdiIgbo have been pioneers and shown leadership, way ahead of the Yorubas or other ethnic groups in the Country.  It is in fact, NdiIgbo that have contributed massively to the development of Lagos, which Kayode now claims to belong to the Yoruba.

On Igbo Presidency & The Yoruba Example, Dapo Thomas stresses that NdiIgbo today, are still being punished and politically sidelined to the background due to their attempt to secede. Using Yoruba politics to juxtapose his point, Dapo calls on NdiIgbo to wake up and imbibe a radical overhauling of their political philosophy by re-branding, articulating and learning one or two things from the Yoruba on matters relating to political revolution. He cautions NdiIgbo to desist from selfish interest but focus more on collective good of their people.

Sixtus Chibueze Ezennaya on NdịIgbo: Lord, That They May Be One bemoans the degradation of Igbo prestige due to geocentricism they have allowed to engulf them. He calls for unification of NdiIgbo without further delay. On NdiIgbo & Second-Class Citizenship in Nigeria, Ezennaya further presents the vulnerable condition of NdiIgbo in Nigeria. He states that the inability of an Igbo man to be the President of Nigeria because of the war he fought to save self from extermination, calls for a rethink. How long should NdiIgbo serve the North for them to achieve their due in their God given abundance and fair share of leadership.


Ndigbo In 2015 Politics by Aniebo Nwamu captures the fate of NdiIgbo in 2015 general election as it concerns the obvious impossibility of their clinging to the seat of power. He blames NdiIgbo for their being shut out of presidency due to their lack of unity and their irrational trust in friends.


Our Icon is Dr. Innoson Chukwuma. Innocent Chukwuma (Innoson) is a resourceful and accomplished entrepreneur of international repute. His trading outfits which started in 1976 have successfully grown into a big trading giant of blue chip status. His visionary attributes saw the company diversifying into manufacturing away from distributive trade in support of the Federal Government industrialization policy hence the group motorcycle manufacturing/assembly plants in Nnewi and Plastic Manufacturing Plant in Emene, Enugu with a trade name, Innoson, which is fast becoming a household name in Nigeria. Dr Chukwuma is the first fully indigenous motorcycle and vehicle maker in Nigeria, and recipient of international and local awards on leadership and management.


Completing his piece Igbos, Nigeria, and The Future, Under People and Town, E. O. Eke  charges Nigerians especially NdịIgbo to bury the pains of the civil war and develop a new vision that will help them forge ahead. He frowns at unjustifiable extermination of Igbos in the North and urges NdiIgbo to seek justice rather than fleeing the North and abandoning their properties to be taken over by extremists and hoodlums.


The magazine covers the usual section on Igbo Foods. In this edition, the recipe and process of preparing Okra soup are presented. Under Arts, Azuh Amatus’ piece on DSTV and the Politics of Igbo Channel is featured. He berates the subjugation of NdiIgbo to the background in film-making despite the fact they are the chief film makers. He does not mince words to admonish Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) that recently rewarded Yoruba and Hausa film makers but not Igbos. He sees the deliberate failure to recognize, reward and celebrate Igbo filmmakers at the AMVCA as an insult on NdiIgbo and a grand plot to marginalize and sabotage their efforts as the founders and creators of Nollywood. Again, Amatu chides DStv Africa Magic’s injustice and disdain for NdiIgbo for not deeming it fit to dedicate a 24/7 channel to NdiIgbo.


The magazine covers newly introduced Igbo Language section with Chux Ohai and Barth Anulunkor’s write-ups. Chux Ohai on Gradually, Nigerian Languages are dying, laments on the deterioration in the use of our indigenous languages, even the major ones, replaced by the predator English Language.  And the situation is not helped by parents who insist on speaking English at home or by Government which recently adopted a policy that made the study of one of the three major Nigerian Languages namely; Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba, optional rather than compulsory as required under the old policy.

Odinala 9 edition presents other usual features as Igbo Proverbs and Igbo Lesson. In addition, the magazine carries various news sources, Igbo Word Search, Readers’ Reactions to previous Odinala editions, and CIAC’s Agenda for year 2015.


The magazine draws the curtain with the Interview Segment with Chief Mbazuluike Amaechi, an elder statesman and first Republic Minister of Aviation. He goes down memory lane to note the chasm between the values of Nigeria’s founding fathers and the current generation of leaders who he asserts are engrossed in rapacious looting of the country’s common wealth. Chief Amaechi also raises issues with the place of NdịIgbo in the nation’s history noting what he describes as a systematic policy of undermining the presence and place of the Igbo race in the polity.

All are urged to get a copy of ODINALA 9 which is fully loaded with brainstorming masterpieces. Digest it as you reflect on the state of NdiIgbo. Join this crusade of ensuring that Igbo’s glory is not extinguished. Let us do everything we can to save our language and culture from this menace of extinction today!


We look forward to your input and feedback. Ndewo nu! Ka Chineke mezie okwu anyi ma gọzie anyị niile.




Ezeani Sir Dọkịta J. Kanayo Okoye, KSM, KSS


Dika anyi na-akpudebe ngwucha afo na mmalite afo nhoputa ndi ochichi, anyi kwesiri ike nkwucha gbasara ndi choro ka anyi tunyere ha – site na goomenti etiti, nke Steeti were rue na nke okpuru ochichi. Ma kelee Chineke ebe anyi gbadebere ugbu a, obi ebere, nchekwa na obi umeala ya ka anyi na-azobanye n’ime afo 2015.


Dika otutu siri kwusie ike na mgbe gara aga, itunye akwukwo anyi n’oge nhoputa bu uzo kasi di ire iji ziputa onwe anyi, ichoputa ihe anyi choro, ihe na-akpagide anyi, itunye oko maka oganiru okwe ndoro-ndoro anyi, imezi odiniru anyi ma nwee ebe anyi guzo maka akaraka obodo anyi. N’ihi na otu e siri choputa ma kwue n’enweghi mgbagha, Okwe ndoro-ndoro bu ihe niile. Okwe ndoro-ndoro na-awulite, okwe ndoro-ndoro na-egbukwa, dika anyi siri choo. Sonye, ka anyi mee ka odiniru anyi yie ihe; e sonyela ma gi atamukwara kama were ihe o bula i huru.


Maka NdiIgbo, o kasi gbasata anyi. E werela ya nyaa isi otutu mgbe na NdiIgbo bu agburu kasi n’ubara n’ime Naijiria karia agburu ndi ozo. Ha bizu ebe niile n’ala anyi, ma na-agba oke mbo dika ndi azumahia, ndi oru bekee, ndi o ji ego achu ego, ndi oru aka, umu akwukwo, wdg. Ka o sila di, NdiIgbo bu ndi kasi n’iri apa mma mgbe o bula ogbaghara daputara n’akuku ala anyi o bula, a biakwa kpoo ha oke asi ma na-aso ha onu n’ihe odachi o bula. Na agbanyeghi ihe odachi ndi a na-eme kwa mgbe kwa mgbe, mkpasu iwe, mkpari na akaje niile a na-emeso ha, ha onwe ha akabeghi leba ya anya bu nke na- elo ha. Ha akaro weputa ezi usoro ha ga-eji buso agha nye agha a bu nke akpasi anya ebuso ha ma kwusi ya bu ajo omume n’odiniru.


NdiIgbo, karia agburu ndi ozo, kwenyere na, ma site na mgbasa ha n’ala anyi gbaa gburu-gburu, ma site kwa na ihe agha ha luru kuziiri ha, na idi n’otu n’enweghi nkewa na Naijiria ka mma. Ka odi, ha kwenyere n’ekwesiri ka arapu ha ka ha biri ebe o bula ha choro ibi n’ala anyi n’enweghi mkpagbu, iyi egwu ma o bu icho ha okwu. Ya mere na, dika ndi ozo, ha ga-eziputa oke nrite ha dika ndi amaala zuru oke ma ruo oru ha dika umu afo Naijiria ebe o bula ha bi. Nke a gunyere oke nrite ikwuputa okwu nakwa oke ibinye aka ochichi ma o bu ibinyere ha aka ochichi. NdiIgbo kwesiri ka ha were o here a kowaputa ikike nrite ha ma nye aka mee ka odiniru ha di otu ha choro.


ODINALA NKE ITEGHETE A na-anabata ndi na-agu ya, ndi ntinye, nkwado na ndi na-erite elele ya n’ime afo 2015. A bia na ihu akuko ya, Oka mmuta Okey Ndibe, na nke o kporo Biafra, Echiche Enyi Nnunu Na Ihe Mbibi Naijiria kowara ihe Naijiria dika obodo ga-eji gaa n’iru n’ino n’ihe mkpatu beluso na goomenti e meziri onya agha Biafra. O kwenyere na Naijiria, dika ndi mba Briten siri mee ka o di, e nweghi mgbe o jiri di mkpa ma o bu dika o natara chi kama ha mere ya n’enweghi ezi nghota maka ihi nani ihe ha ga-erite.Oka mmuta Ndibe kwenyere na o ruela mgbe ndi Naijiria ga-eleba anya n’ime njikota aka ike e jikotala ha iji huta ma ha aga ka ano dika otu obodo ma o bu kewasia. O mere ka odoo anya na-ikpo ulo NdiIgbo new tupu agha Biafra ‘ngwongwo e mere mgbarapu’, ma na-akwu ndi Biafra niile nani pound iri abuo dika ihe mgbara aku na uba ha new tupu agha daa abughi nani ihe ezighi ezi kama o bu mmeso ojoo megide mmadu. O gbagwojuru ya anya ihe aga e ji were aka ike na-akpuba mmadu na mmekorita añụrị adighii, nke juputara na mkpari na ikpe ezighi ezi.


Ogbako Ezumezu Gbasara Ajuju Igbo N’ime Naijiria bu isiokwu Akuko Puru Iche. Anyi wetara nzuko otu ndi Igbo niile nke mba uwa nke a chikobara na n’ulo nzuko Igbozurume di na Emene, Steeti Enugu iji leba anya maka adighi n’otu ndi Igbo, mmuo ntisa maka odinma ha n’ime Naijiria, tinyere odiniru na agamniru NdiIgbo. Na mkpuru abali ato, elebara anya ma nyochaa nke oma gbasara oke ihe cheere agburu a aka mgba n’ime ala anyi nakwa na mba uwa.


Na ngalaba Isiokwu ga, e weputara otutu edemede. Sabella O. Abidde ziputara NdiIgbo dika ndị na-aso gari-gari ichọta onye ndu. Site na mba Washington D.C. were dee, o kwenyere na oge eruola mgbe NdiIgbo ga elekwasị anya n’ọkwa oche onye isi ala ebe ọbụ na ha atụnyego nnukwu ụtụ buru ibu na mwulite ihe a kpọrọ obodo tata. Oge eruola mgbe izu mmegide NdiIgbo nakwa mgbochibido ha n’ọchịchị nke ndị Hausa-Fulani/Yoruba bụ nke aga ehichapụ iji nye NdiIgbo ohere iwere ezi ọnọdụ ha n’ime agbụrụ ndị ọzọ. NdiIgbo, na-akụkụ nke ọzọ, kwesiri iwepu aka na ọgụ ime onwe ka ha nwe ike iwepụta onye ndu nke ala nile chọrọ.


Chu Okoronkwo nyochara amamụihe-ụgha-mmegide NdiIgbo nke Fani-Kayode, nke sochiri na-azụ nzahachi nke Dọkịta Okafor zahachiri maka isi okwu nke ebipụtara n’ibe akwụkwọ iri n’ise nke ỌDỊNALA nke asaa, n’ọnwa iri na-abụọ nke afọ puku abụọ n’iri na-atọ ruo n’ọnwa anọ nke afọ puku abụọ n’iri na-anọ. Onye edemede a mara okwu ụgha nakwa ejighị eziokwu nke Fani Kayode aka n’iru, ya na asị ntetọkọ akụkọ mgbe oche maka okwu ya gbasara amamụihe ọkịbe nke ndị Yoruba nakwa mmepe karịa NdiIgbo. Chu depụtara ọtụtụ aka ọrụ ebe NdiIgbo bụ ndị mbụ ma gosipụtakwa odudu n’oge tere ezigbo aka tupu ndị Yoruba m’ọbụ agbụrụ ọzọ na-ala anyị. Ọ bụ NdiIgbo na-ezie, bụ ndị kachasị tụnye ụtụ na mmepe nke Lagos bụ nke Kayode na-ekwuzi ugbua bụ nanị nke ndị Yoruba.


Gbasara Onyeisi ala bu Onye Igbo na Omumatu Ndi Yoruba, Dapo Thomas kwusiri ike na NdiIgbo tata, kana a natariri ntaramu ahuhu ma burukwa ndi onu erughi n’okwu na okwe ndoro-ndoro ochichi n’ihi oko ha nwara ikewapu. Iji okwe ndoro-ndoro ndi Yoruba were tule okwu ya, Dapo kpokuru NdiIgbo ka ha kunie n’ura ma makuta inwe ezi mmezi ako na uche okwe ndoro-ndoro ha site na myighari aworo, iziputa ma muta otu ihe ma o bu abuo n’aka ndi Yoruba n’ihe gbasara mgbanwe okwe ndoro-ndoro ochichi. O doro NdiIgbo aka na nti ka ha wezuga onwe ha n’ihe nrite nani onwe ma tinye anya n’ihe gbasara odimma ha dum.


Sixtus Chibueze Ezennaya na NdiIgbo: Onyenweanyi, Ka Ha Buru Otu kwara ariri gbasara nleda anya ugwu ndi Igbo nke ha rapuru ka orie ha. O kporo oku maka idi n’otu NdiIgbo n’egbughi oge. A bia na NdiIgbo na Amaala Ogo Abuo N’ime Naijiria, Ezennaya gara n’iru weputa onodu ojoo nke NdiIgbo n’ime Naijiria. O kwuru na e kwesiri ka echechighaa echiche gbasara e nweghi ike nke onye Igbo inweta okwa onyeisi ala maka ihi ọgụ ọnụrụ iji gbanari mbibi ya. Tupu rue ole mgbe ka NdiIgbo ga agbara ndi ugwu odibo were nweta oke ha n’onyinye zuru oke Chukwu nyere ha nakwa ezi oke ochichi?


Aniebo Nwamu ziputara eke uwa NdiIgbo n’ime nhoputa nke afo 2015 n’edemede o kporo NdiIgbo N’ime Okwe Ndoro-Ndoro Ochichi Nke 2015 dika o siri gbasata nnukwu ike o ga-esi ha inweta okwa ochichi onyeisi ala. O tara NdiIgbo uta maka nkwapu a kwapuru ha n’okwa i bu onyeisi ala maka ihi adighi n’otu ha nakwa oke itukwasa ndi oyi ha obi.


Onye Puru iche anyi bu Dokita Innoson Chukwuma, (Innoson), onye o ji ego achu ego ama ama na mba uwa niile ma nwee isi awele n’azumahia. Azumahia ya bu nke malitere n’afo 1976 nozi n’ogo di elu ugbu a. Anya nka ya mere na ulo oru sitere n’ikesa akuru ngwa were banye n’iruputa akuru ngwa iji kwado amuma nka n’uzu goomenti hiwere nke miputara nhiwe ulo oru nruputa ogba tum-tum na Nnewi nakwa nke nruputa plastiki n’Emene, Steeti Enugu, e jiri Innoson mara nke gazugoro Naijiria dum. Dokita Chukwuma bu onye Naijiria mbu na mbu ruputara ogba tum-tum nakwa ugboala, o biakwa buru onye tuuru otutu ugo na Naijiria nakwa site na mba ofesi gbasara ochichi na nlekota.


Na nchikota edemede ya o kporo NdiIgbo, Naijiria na Odiniru, n’okpuru Ndi Mmadu na Obodo, E. O. Eke rioro ndi Naijiria tumadi NdiIgbo ka ha wufue ihe mgbu agha butere ma wube atumatu ohuru ga-enyere ha aka iga n’iru. O gbaruru iru ya nye ogbugbu a na-egbu umu afo Igbo na mgbago ugwu ma mee ka NdiIgbo mata n’oka mma icho uzo ikpe ziri ezi karia isi n’ugwu gbapu ma gbarapuru ndi amakaekwu ngwo-ngwo ha.


E nwekwara ngalaba Erimeri Igbo n’akwukwo a dika o na adibu na mbu. N’agba nke a, usoro e ji esi ofe Okra bu ihe e weputara. A bia n’okpuru Nka, e weputara edemede Azuh Amatus nke o kporo DSTV na Okwe ndoro-ndoro Ngalaba Igbo. O kwara ariri maka mkpagbu a na-akpagbu NdiIgbo n’ebe ejije di n’agbanyeghi na ha bu ndi isi n’imebe ejije. O zoghi onu ikato ndi Africa’s Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) uta maka itube nani ndi mweputa ejije Yoruba na Hausa ugo beluso Igbo. O hutara mkpachara anya a n’etubeghi ndi mweputa ejije Igbo ugo na AMVCA dika nnukwu mkpari nye NdiIgbo nakwa uzo ojoro na aghugho iji napu ha ugwu ruru ha dika ndi malitere ejije Nollywood. Ozokwa, Amatu katoro ikpe ezighi ezi na nleda anya nke ndi DSTV Afrika Majik nye NdiIgbo n’ihi akabeghi weputa ngalaba a ga a kpo nke NdiIgbo na ihe onyonyo ha.


Edemede di n’akwukwo a gunyekwara ngalaba ohuru a kporo Ngalaba Asusu Igbo site n’ederede sitere n’aka Chux Ohai nakwa Barth Anulunkor. Chux Ohai na nke o kporo Nwayọ nwayọ, asụsụ Naijiria na anwụzị anwụ, kwara arịrị maka nrekasị nakwa ndaghachị azụ iji asụsụ obodo ebi ndụ, ma ndị nke nnukwu aburula ihe asụsụ bekee lomiri ma dochie. Ya bụ ọnọdụ  a naghị enweta enye m aka site na-aka ndị nne na nna bụ ndị na-esi ọnwụ na asụsụ bekee ka aga na-asụ n’ụlọ ha ma ọ bụkwanụ site na-aka nke goomenti ndị nabatara na ịmụ otu asụsụ n’ime asụsụ atọ kacha buo ibu na Naijiria:Hausa, Igbo nakwa Yoruba bụrụzie nke nani nwata akwụkwọ ọ bụla chọrọ ya ga amu ya karịa ime ya ka ọ bụrụ iwu nye nwata akwụkwọ ọ bụla dịka osi dị na mbụ.


Odinala nke iteghete weputakwara nkeji ndi ozo dika Ilu Igbo na Omumu Igbo. Na mgbakwunye, oziputakwara akuko di iche iche gunyere Oru uburu Igbo, Nkwughachi ndi Oguu site na Odinala nke gara aga, nakwa Amuma Oru CIAC nke afo 2015.


A piachitere akwukwo a site na mkparita uka nke Chief Mbazuluike Amaechi, ochie dike na okwe ndoro-ndoro ma burukwa Minista izizi maka ugboelu. O gachighara azu n’ochichi mgbe mbu were gosi ezi agwa ndi chiburu na mbu nakwa nke ndi na-achi ugbu a bu ndi o kwuru na ha ji ori na ama bagoro ha umi okpukpu were acho izukoro ego ala anyi niile. Chief Amaechi gbatukwara ukwu n’onodu NdiIgbo n’ime ala anyi ma kowaa usoro okwe ndoro-ndoro ochichi Naijiria dika usoro ehiri asaa n’anya were hiwe iji megide onodu ndi Igbo n’okwe ndoro-ndoro.


Anyi na-elezi anya inata ozi na atumatu gi.

Ndewo nu! Ka Chineke mezie okwu anyị ma gọzie anyị niile.