Ezeani Sir Dr J. Kanayo Okoye, KSM, KSS

With gratitude to God Almighty for His protection and guidance, may I use this ODINALA 12 edition to welcome us into the second quarter of the year.


As we always do, ODINALA 12 comes with various topics on topical issues. The cover story on Biafra the Federal Government Genocide Against NdiIgbo by Dr Emma Enekwechi, strongly refutes the assertion with facts, that Nigeria’s 1966 coup was Igbo putsch. He gave instances on how Army Generals from different enclaves masterminded the bloody takeover. On Nigerian-Biafran war, Dr Enekwechi made a stunning revelation on how General Gowon Government with British back-up, used both starvations, chemical poisoning with bombing to annihilate Igbos.

The Need To Teach Three Major Nigeria’s Indigenous Languages in FCT Primary Schools, statement by Ezeani Dr J. K Okoye, is the subject of our Special Report. It was a Press Conference held at Headquarters of CIAC on February 22, 2016. Dr Okoye used the medium to charge the Federal Government to reinsert the study of indigenous languages in our education curriculum.

Under the Features Section, Are Igbos Really Foolish? is the first paper presented by Clement Udegbe. He states that it’s foolhardy for NdiIgbo to quickly run back to States of their erstwhile killers to re-establish businesses.  According to him, it is shameful for some Igbo leaders to sell their birthrights for a mere lucre brandish before them. Politically, NdiIgbo are most naïve, he concludes. In his write-up, Igbo Quest For Self Determination, Emeka Onyesoh states point blank that Igbos are slacking back because instead of speaking with one voice, they are rather not united and organized. NdiIgbo The Days of Self-pity Are Gone, by Ikechukwu Enyiagu, encourages us to erase the memories of the past that is filled with trauma and look onto the future. He charges Igbo political leaders to shun selfishness but work for the full benefits of NdiIgbo. Prof Okey Ndibe, in Nigeria And Biafra’s Wasted Memory, affirms that Nigeria will remain stagnated as long as its mediocre leadership refused to be instructed by lessons of the Biafran war. For not allowing Igbos to separate from Nigeria, he then wonders the point of forcing a people to re-enter an unhappy, abusive and unjust relationship. According to him, survival is seemingly impossible as long as our National Assembly is loaded with ex-convicts, looters, pardoned criminals and rest of them. State Creation And Igbo Marginalization by Uchechukwu Arinze, is another burning issue that shows that NdiIgbo till date, are still being subjugated politically and economically in Nigeria despite being at the helm of affairs in almost all sectors of the Country before the civil war. In the Nigerian scheme, Igbos remain second class citizens. Maazi Arinze therefore calls for two additional States in the South East in order for them to be on the same scale with other zones of the federation. Concluding his paper, he advises the Federal Government to implement recommendations from the organized National Conference under the leadership of President Goodluck Jonathan, which according to him will douse the tension and injustice in the land.

Our Icon is Emeka Anyaoku, former Nigeria’s Foreign Minister and Commonwealth Secretary General who served in various capacities in the world affairs. Apart from his receiving decorations from Nigeria’s CFR and CON, he was also honored with the highest National Civilian Honours of Cameroon, Lesotho, Madagascar, Namibia and Trinidad & Tobago’s Trinity Cross; as well as Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order (GCVO) from her Majesty, Queen of England. Emeka Anayoku holds 33 honorary Doctorate degrees from top Universities in Britain, Canada, Ghana, Republic of Ireland, Nigeria, South Africa, Switzerland and Zimbabwe.


Under People and Town, CIAC xrays The History of Ezeagu Atilogwu Dance, a unique traditional dance in Enugu and other South East States. Atilogwu dance is a pride of NdiIgbo as well as an identity, which got the support of prominent Igbos like Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, Dr K.O Mbadiwe, Hon Festus Okotie-Eboh and others. It is a vigorous dance that combines elements of gymnastics with foot-stomping rhythms and beautiful colors.


ODINALA 12 presents our usual coverage of Igbo Foods. In this edition, the recipe and process of preparing Ofe Achara with Akpụrụakpụ Egusi are explained. Under Arts, Atueyi Ifeanyi researches on Jigida Waist Beads. The beads are worn by Igbo young maidens during special occasions to symbolize purity, beauty and elegance.


Other usual features include Igbo Proverbs, Igbo Lesson, Straight From the Dailies, Igbo Word Search, Readers’ Reactions to previous ODINALA editions, Photo Fiesta, Igbo Fashion, ODINALA Magazine Success Story and the CIAC Agenda for year 2016.


The magazine rounds off with the Interview Segment featuring Chief Pete Edochie, Nigeria’s veteran actor cum broadcaster. He tells the story of his humble beginning, early marriage and the role he played during Nigeria’s civil war. He reminisces on his role as Okonkwo in Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) adaptation of Chinua Achebe’s bestselling novel, Things Fall Apart. In his last word, he says that what he likes to be remembered for is for the world to testify that he spent his life giving joy to people.

Pick copies of ODINALA 12 today for you and your loved ones, lovers of Igb o language, friends and well-wishers. There is no gainsaying that readers are leaders, let us therefore spread the message for promotion and preservation of our culture and tradition. Ensure to keep at least a copy in your library for our generation yet unborn to have access to and research on. By so doing, our children who read the magazine will not be hoodwinked into believing some of the fabulisms told against NdiIgbo all in the quest to paint them black.


As usual, we look forward to your input and feedback.


Ndewo nu! Ka Chineke mezie okwu anyi ma gọzie anyị niile.


Ezeani Sir Dr. J. Kanayo Okoye, KSM, KSS

ODINALA Publisher


Edemede Nke Onye Mbipụta

Ka anyị na anabata yabụ mbinye aka na-akwụkwọ nke Onye Isiala, General Muhammadu Buhari maka usoro mnweta nakwa mmefu ego nke obodo anyị bụ Naịjirịa, anyị ji obi ịnụ ọkụ were n’eche mmalite ọrụ nke Gọọmentị nọ n’etiti nakwa site na nsetịpụ-aka, nke Steti nakwa nke Ime obodo niile nke ala anyị. N’agbanyeghị na o were onye isiala otu afọ i ji mee nke a, mana ha kwuru na “Ọka mma na enwetaghị ya n’oge karịa na enwetaghị ya ma ọlị.” Ma ka-anyị n’enwe olile anya mmepe n’ọdịnịihu, NdịIgbo agaghị adarịrị mba na ị ganịihu wee na-atụgharị uche maka ọnọdụ, ọkachasị ịdịrị gawa, ịdị ike nakwa ikwalite agbụrụ nakwa omenala ha n’ime n’ime obodo nke Naịjirịa.


Nke a kachasị bụrụ eziokwu ugbua ana akwanye NdịIgbo n’ime ọtụtụ nsogbu nakwa ọtụtụ ihe n’echere ha aka mgba. Otu n’ime ha kacha njọ bụ ajọ mwakpo nke ndị ọchị efi, ndị ama dịka ndị Fulani, na awakpo ndị ọrụ ugbo nakwa ndị ọzọ bi na steti nke mpaghara etiti nakwa nakwa ọdịda anyanwu nke ala anyị. Ndị mbibia ka ekwuru na ha egbugo nari mmadụ anọ nke ndị Benue Steti, ụfọdụ iri mmadụ anọ nke Enugu Steti, nakwa ọtụtụ ndị ọzọ n’ime Abia nakwa Steti Ondo. Ndị nke a metụtara nke ukwuu bụ ndị Naịjirịa nwere chị ọ jọọ, ọkacha na ụmụnwaanyị nakwa ụmụaka, egbukara n’ime oge ụra ha n’okpuru mkpuchi nke ọchịchịrị dịka mmegwara maka ịkata obi ịgwa ndị ọchị ehi a ka ha nye ohere na ugbo nakwa akụkụ obi ha nke ụmụanụmanụ ha mebiri.


Omume nke ndị ọchị ehi a, site n’ime ka enwe ọnọdụ nghọtaghe nakwa enweghị ntụkwasị obi, ebutego mmekpa ahụ nye ezi mmekọrịta dịbụ na mbụ, nke n’enyekwa ndị ọchị ehi nakwa ndị nabatara ha na be ha obi ụtọ kemgb ọtụtụ afọ gara aga. N’ime enweghị ezi ntinye anya doro anya nke gọọmenti, yabụ mkpasu iwu a agaghị adịrị gawa n’enweghị ịma aka nịihu nke ndị ime obodo nakwa ngalaba ndị ọrụ nchekwa. Adịghị ike ma ọ bụ enweghị ịgba isi akwara nke n’enyekwa onye mkpagbu a obi isi ike, mfilikwa obi ya elu ma ghọkwara ya mmeri dịka ihe n’egosi ya ụzọ ị ganịihu n’enye ndịa ọ na-akpagbu nukwute ntarama ahụhụ. Ihe nke a n’apụta bụ oke mgbawa obi nakwa mbibi ebe o nweghị obodo ma ọ bụ otu ọbụla ga-akwụrụ nọ ọtọ ma kwee aga nịihu wee n’ebibi ha n’enweghị ị ṅa ntị ọbụla. Nke a kpatara gọọmenti ji kwesị igbochi nsogbu a n’oge, ebe ịhapụ ọnọdụ a ka ọdịrị gawa ma bawanye nwereike iweta ọtụtụ nsonazụ gụnyere ikwanye ụmụ-amala n’ime ụdịrị enweghị olile-anya ma ọlị dịka i ji aka ha wee n’etinye iwu n’ọrụ.


Ebe a makpuru atụmanya nke ndị mmadụ site na-aka ndị Gọvanọ nakwa ndị ndu okwe ndọrọ ọchịchị anyị. Karịa ị bụ ihe n’edu NdịIgbo, ha n’egosịpụta, dịka otu akwụkwọ nta akụkọ ala anyị si kọwaa, “nzunzu dị egwu ma na-anwụ akpata-oyi”. Anyị agaghị akwalitenwu omenal nakwa abamụ n’uru anyị, mgbe anyị enweghịkwa ike ịdịkwa ndụ dịka ndị. Ya mere ọ bụ oke n’ọrụ nke ndị okwe ndọrọ ọchịchị anyị ime ngwa, iche echiche ma tete n’ụra nye ọrụ dịrị ha, ebe igbu oge ọbụla nakwa amaghị ebe ana aga nakwa nlegara anya bụ ịkpọ ịma afọ na-alaoku, i bo ebubo ya n’enweghị obi isi ike, nke nkata obi nke-onwe nakwa nleda anya nke-onwe, nke ha niile ugbua na-amazi NdịIgbo aka n’ihu ma bụkwara ihe ịgba ama nke oke nsogbu n’abịa n’ọdịnịihu.


Anyị na-atụrụ ndị ntorobia anyị mma mma, ma nwee kwa agbamụ-ume site n’aka ha, ndị nke, n’ime obodo ụfọdụ, wegoro ya dịka oke n’ọrụ dịrị ha ị chịkọba onwe ha ma n’egbochikwa mmegide ndị mmadụ. Ha achịkọbago ndị ọrụ nche maka nchekwa ime ime obodo ma n’arụkọkwa ọrụ ha na ndị otu nchekwa ọzọgasị nakwa nhazi ọrụ nchekwa nke ndị ime obodo i ji hụ na anọ na njikere ma n’edebekwa iwu. Ọtụtụ, ka ọ dị ugbua enwego ịnụ ọkụ n’obi maka ọrụ nke ọdịnịihu, ha dịkwa njikere ime ihe ndịa ha kwesịrị ime i ji kpaghasịa yabụ mkpasu iwe a n’adị mkpa. Ebe ntakịrị n’ima ndị Gọvanọ na nso nso a ebilitego na ụra ịkwụdosike n’ihu ihe ndịa n’ama ha aka n’ihu, a na-atunye alo na ndị ndụ n’okwe ndọrọ ndọrọ ọchịchị kwesịrị ịrụkọ ọrụ ọnụ ha ndị ntorobia i ji gbochie mbasasị nke yabụ nsogbu.  Ka-anyị matakwa n’anyị niile bụ ụmụamala nke otu obodo ma anyị g’achọrịrị ụzọ onye ọbụla na nwanne ya g’eji n’ebikọrịta ọnụ, n’akwanyere nwanne ya ugwu n’abanyeghị n’ikikere nke obibi ndụ nakwa ịdịkwa ndụ nke agbataobi ya.


Na ọkara gara aga nke afọ 2016, Ụlọọrụ Nka na Omenala (CIAC) anyị agago n’ihu wee n’akwado ọtụtụ mmemme ma rụọkwa ọrụ ndịa na-akwalite omenala Igbo nakwa ọ dị be ndị. N’ime Ọnwa Mbụ, Ụlọọrụ anyị wepụtara akwụkwọ mgbasa ozi n’iku maka nsogbu a dị n’etiti ndịa n’achị ehi nakwa ndị ọrụ ugbo n’ime ọtụtụ ebe nke obodo anyị, mmemme nke ekwusara n’ikuku n’ime ọtụtụ igwe n’agbasa ozi n’ikuku nke ala anyị. N’ime oge a niile, CIAC n’emekwa mmemme kwa izu-ụka abụọ n’igwe mgbasa ozi n’ikuku gbasara omenala Igbo nke n’enyekwa ohere ntinye ọnụ n’okwu nke ndị n’ege ntị. Ebukwa n’obi na mmemme ga aga n’ihu n’ime afọ a niile.


Achịkọbara ọgbakọ ndị nta-akụkọ mgbe Ọnwa abụọ gbara mkpụrụ abalị iri abụọ na abụọ makha mkpa ọdị ịkụzi asụsụ atọ ndịa kacha buo ibu n’ime Ụlọakwụkwọ Prịma niile nke (FCT) (Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba). Okwu a nke si n’ọnụ Onye CIAC bụ nke agbasara n’ikuku n’ọdụ gbasa ozi niile nke AM nakwa FM dị n’ime FCT ma bụkwara nke ebipụtakwara n’ime ọtụtụ Ụlọọrụ n’ebipụta Akwụkwọ Akụkọ nke ala anyị. E bipụtakwara ya ọzọ n’ime Ọdịnala nke a.


Anọchitere anya CIAC nke ọma na mmemme mmepe akwụkwọ nta akụkọ akpọrọ IKORO, nke emere mgbe Ọnwa Atọ gbara mkpụrụ abalị Iri na Ise, na-afọ 2016, akwụkwọ nta akụkọ mbụ e ji asụsụ Igbo nanị wee bipụta nke Aka na-achị Steti Imo, Owelle Rochas Okorocha hiwere. Ọ bụ nnukwu mmemme, ihe niile emere, nke were ọtụtụ awa, bụ na-asụsụ Igbo ka e jiri mee ha. Mgbe emesịrị, CIAC zigara yabụ Gọvanọ akwụkwọ ịtụ mma mma, ma gosipụtakwa mmasị anyị in we mmekọrịta nke anyị na Steti ahụ na ezi atụmatụ a.


Maka oge nke fọrọ afọ n’ime afo a, Ụlọọrụ anyị ji atụmatụ ị ga n’ihu na mbọ ọ n’agba ọtụtụ mmemme i ji kwalite asụsụ nakwa omenala Igbo. Ihe ndịa gụnyere ọgbakọ-nkụzi NdịIgbo n’ime FCT, mmejuputa yabụ ndekọsị nke mmanwụ NdịIgbo,  mbipụta ỌDỊNALA nakwa ọtụtụ nkwalite ndị ọzọ.


Dịka o si adị mgbe niile, ỌDỊNALA nke iri na abụọ nwere ọtụtụ isiokwu. Akụkọ ihuakwụkwọ maka Biafra, Gọọmenti Etiti nakwa Ogbugbu Mkpochapụ Agbụrụ Egburu NdịIgbo nke Emma Enekwechi, nke o ji rụọ ụka na yabụ okwu ekwuru na nkwatu n’ọchịchị nke mbụ n’ime Naịjirịa na-afọ 1960 bụ nke NdịIgbo. O gosịpụtara etu ndị Ọchịagha si mpaghara dị iche iche ji kpaa nkata ị nagharị yabụ ọchịchị.


Dịka e si kwuo na mbụ, Mkpa Ọdị Ikụzi Asụsụ Atọ Ndịa Kacha Buo Ibu N’ime Ụlọakwụkwọ Prịma Niile Nke FCT, nke Ezeani Dọkịta J.K Okoye dere, bụ ihe anyị ji mere akụkọ pụrụ iche. Ka ọ n’ewepụta okwu a n’oge ọgbakọ nta akụkọ nke emere n’isi ụlọọrụ CIAC, Dọkịta Okoye ji ohere ahụ wee gwa Gọọmenti Etiti ka otighachi ọmụmụ nke asụsụ ọdịnala n’ime nhazi usoro agụma akwụkwọ anyị.


N’okpuru ngalaba Nnukwu Edemede, akwụkwọ nke isiokwu ya bụ NdịIgbo Ha Dị Nzunzu N’ezie? Bụ Clement Udegbe dere ya. O kwuru na ọ bụ nzunzu nye NdịIgbo i ji ọsọ wee chịa azụ na steeti nke ndịa n’egbusịsị ha i wubekwa ọdụ ahịa ọzọ. Dịka o si kwuo, ọ bụ ihe ihere nye ndị ndu Igbo ire oke ruru ha maka ntakịrị uru echere ha n’ihu. N’ime edemede nke ya, Ọkụ Ọ na-anụ NdịIgbo N’obi maka Nwere-onwe, Emeka Onyeso kwuru gbowam na NdịIgbo na ada mba n’ihi, kama ha g’ekwu okwu n’otu olu, ha agaghị ejikọta onwe ha ọnụ ma ọ bụ nhazikọta onwe ha ọnụ. NdịIgbo, Oge Ime Ebere-onwe Agala, Ugbua bụ N’ezie Oge Ị ga n’ihu, nke Ikechukwu Enyiagu, na-agba anyị ume ka-anyị hichapụ ncheta ihe ndịa gara aga nke juputara ahụ ụfụ ma kama ka-anyị legide ọdịnịihu anya. Ọkwanyere NdịIgbo bụ ndu nke okwe ndọrọ ndọrọ ọchịchị ọkụ n’obi ka ha jụ oke ọchịchọ nke onwe ma rụọ ọrụ maka ịdịkwa ndụ nakwa agamụnịihu nke NdịIgbo






Ọka-Mmụta Oke Ndịbe, n’ime edemede ya, Ncheta Lara N’iyi nke Naịjirịa nakwa Biafra, kwụgidesịrị ike na Naịjirịa ga-anọgide n’otu ebe ebe ọ bụ na ndu ya n’etozughị oke jụrụ ịmụta ihe site n’agha Biafra. Nkwachigha azụ n’ime Naịjirịa, NdịIgbo bụ ndị amanyegoro ịbanye ọzọ n’ime mmekọrịta nke n’enweghị obi-ụtọ, mkparị nakwa mmegbu. Nkewapụta Steeti nakwa Mgbochibido Nweta-Ọkwa ana Egbocibido NdịIgbo nke Uchechukwu Arinze, gosịpụatara nke ukwuu etu NdịIgbo, ruo kwa ma ugbua, ka bụrụ ndị emerigoro n’okwe ndọrọ ndọrọ ọchịchị nakwa ka o si metụta ọnọdụ akụnaụba n’ime Naịjirịa n’agbanyeghị na ọ dị ka ha nọgasị n’isi na ngalaba niile nke ala anyị tupu alụọ agha. Maazi Arinze kporo oku ka ekewapụtara NdịIigbo Steeti abụọ ọzọ n’ime mpaghara Ọwụwa anyanwụ i ji bugolite ebe ahụ ya na ebe ndị ọzọ nke ala anyị nọrọ n’otu ogo. Ọ gakwara n’ihu  nye Gọọmenti ka o tinye n’ọrụ ntụzi aka a sitere n’aka Ọgbakọ ala anyị nke Goodluck Jonathan chịkọbara i ji dajụọ yabụ iwe-obi nakwa mmegbu dị na-ala anyị ugbua.


Ọpụrụ iche anyị bụ Emeka Anyaoku, jiburu ọkwa Minista n’ahụ maka mmekọrịta ala anyị nakwa mba ọzọ nakwa Odeakwụkwọ Gburugburu, ma rọụkwa ọrụ n’ọkwa dị iche iche n’ọtụtụ mpaghara ụwa dị iche iche. N’agbanyeghị n’eji nzere CFR nakwa CON nke Naịjirịa wee mara ya, etunyekwara ya ugo kacha elu nke ana enye ndị nkịtị na mba Cameron, Lesotho, Madagascar nakwa Namibia ya na Trinidad na Tobego ebe etunyere ya ugo akpọrọ (GCVO) n’aka Eze-Nwaanyị nke England. O ji nzere Asambodo Nkwanye Ugwu dị iri atọ atọ site na Mahadum nọ ogo dị elu n’ime Britain, Canada, Ghana, Republic nke Ireland, Naịjirịa, South Africa, Switzerland nakwa Zimbabwe.


N’okpuru edemede gbasara Ndị Mmadụ nakwa Obodo, CIAC nyochara nke ọma akụkọ oche gbasara Ọgbụgba Egwu Atịlogwu Ezeagu agbamụ egwu ọdịnala pụrụ iche na Enugu nakwa Steeti ndị ọzọ nke dị ọwụwa anyanwụ. Yabụ agbamụ Egwu Atịlogwu Ezeagu bụ ihe mpako nye NdịIgbo nakwa njiri mara, nke nwere nkwado ndị Naịjirịa ọnụ n’eru n’okwu dịka Dọkịta Nnamdị Azikiwe, Dọkịta K. O. Mbadiwe, Hon Festus Okotie-Eboh nakwa ọtụtụ ndị ọzọ.


ỌDỊNALA nke iri na abụọ zipụtakwara ndepụtagasị nke erimeri anyị. Na-agba nke a, ngwa nakwa usoro e ji esi Ofe Achara ya na akpụrụkpụ egusị bụ nke ezikoro. N’okpuru Nka, Atueyi Ifeanyị mere nchọpụta gbasara Jigida Mgbana Ukwu nke ụmụagbọgọbia n’eyi n’oge mmemme pụrụ iche  i ji gosi ịdị nsọ, ị ma mma nakwa nchawapụta. Edemede ndị ọzọ na-adụ na mbụ gụnyere Ilu Igbo, Ọmụmụ Asụsụ Igbo, Site N’akwụkwọ Nta Akụkọ, Ọrụ Ụbụrụ Igbo, Nkwughachi Ikwu na Ibe maka Ọdịnala Agba Ochie, Ngosipụta eserese Ekike NdịIgbo, Mbipụta Akwụkwọ Nta-akụkọ Ọdịnala – Akụkọ Agamụ N’ihu nakwa Ebumu n’obi CIACnke afọ 2016.


Akwụkwọ akụkọ a mechiri okwu site na ngalaba ajụjụ ọnụ agbara Chief Pete Edochie, oche dike na mmepụta egweregwu onyonyo nakwa onye mgbasa ozi. Ngosịpụta a kọrọ akụkọ mmalite obibi ndụ ya nke umeala, alụmụ di na nwunye ngwa ngwa ọlụrụ nakwa ọrụ ya n’oge agha Naịjirịa. Ọ kọkwara akụkọ ọrụ ya dịka Okonkwo na mmemme egwuregwu nke Ụlọọrụ Mgbasa ozi n’onyonyo nke Naịjirịa (NTA) nke Chinua Achebe mechara wee jiri mee edemede n’akwụkwọ akụkọ ya gara ahịa nke ọma, Things Fall Apart. Dịka okwu ikpe azụ ya, mmasị Pete bụ ka ana echeta ya dịka otu onye nke ji ndụ ya wee n’enye ndị mmadụ ọṅụ.


A na-agba anyị ume ka-anyị nwetara onwe anyị nakwa ezinaụlọ anyị ọtụtụ akwụkwọ ỌDỊNALA nke Iri na Abụọ. Ka ndịa n’agụ akwụkwọ bụkwa ndị ndu gbasa a ozi a nke nkwalite nakwa nchekwaba ihe nketa, omenala nakwa ọdịnala anyị. Ka anyị debe ọbụnadị otu akwụkwọ a n’ime ọba akwụkwọ anyị maka ọgbọ ọdịnịihu i ji mee ka ha nwee ohere ma nwee kwa ngwa ime nyochapụta maka agbụrụ NdịIgbo. Site n’ime nke a, ụmụaka anyị g’enwe ezi mwulite nakwa ghọta nke NdịIgbo.


Dika o si adị na mbụ, anyị nwere olile anya nweta ntụnye uche nakwa nghọta gị.


Ndewo nu! Ka Chineke mezie okwu anyị ma gọzie anyị niile.


Ezeani Sir Dọkịta J. Kanayo Okoye, KSM, KSS.

Onye Mbipụta ỌDỊNALA